When the tables are turned

I had the best client the other day there. Escorts are often fortunate enough to meet up with incredibly generous men, of course. They’re always so grateful for our attention, devotion and, dare I say, beauty. Actually yes, I do, because every London escort I know is absolutely stunning and knows how to take care of herself. So of course she should be appreciated! Let’s face it, we escorts are all skilled in making the most of ourselves – on a physical level at least.

The really elite escorts will also concentrate on their social and intellectual skills. I know girls who attend night classes in sociology, philosophy and even politics (god forbid) because they want to able to chat with their clients in an entertaining and informative fashion. Yes well, whatever rocks your boat…

No, but to get back to my generous client – he’d booked me for an entire day (which was generous to start with) but when we met up, the first question he asked was: “What would you like to do today?”

I must admit I was a bit taken aback and replied: “Well, it’s your choice actually. I’m happy to go along with your desires.”

“No,” he replied. “I’m going to turn the tables today. I have to do what you want.”

Well, it took me a good ten minutes to believe him! After five minutes I was looking around seeing if I could spot any hidden cameras (remember that Candid Camera show?). Eventually he managed to persuade me he was genuine, just through the honesty that shone from his eyes (I know – sorry, I sound like a bad Catherine Cookson novel). But really there was something honest about his face.

Well ladies, we went shopping then dined at a divine little restaurant I know in Mayfair. I’m sure I made his day!

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