Tips for Visiting Escorts

As an escort, I meet with my clients in two different ways. Sometimes I come to visit them at their home or hotel and other times they come to my flat for our date. So what should you know if you are planning an incall meeting with me?

When it comes to meeting with London escorts like myself, it is important not to be late. I have spent a lot of time getting ready for our date and I might have plans afterward, so be respectful and arrive on time. Map out the route on your GPS in advance so you will know how much time it will take to get to my flat.

Also, please be discreet when you arrive. If I tell you to use the side entrance you should – and don’t mention to anyone why you are there. Many escorts in London don’t want their neighbours knowing what they do for a living.

Be respectful, prompt and discreet and you are sure to have a positive experience when meeting with escorts in their homes.

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