How to Treat a Man Well

My friends, those ones who know what I do and who don’t judge me, sometimes ask for my advice, specifically about how to treat a man well and how to keep him faithful.

As I work for a London escort agency, I do know some of the men that I see aren’t being faithful to their wives and girlfriends – although they often think that seeing a few escorts is better than having an affair and doesn’t really count. I leave it up to them to square whatever they do with their consciences. But I guess I do have a good understanding of men and how to make them feel special.

I say to my girlfriends that men love being listened to. I’m very good at listening and I don’t mean the kind of listening you do where you stare at the person intently whilst thinking about something else entirely – what you’re going to be doing tomorrow, for example. No, I mean that I ask questions and I actually listen to the answers. And then if the man makes an interesting point, I ask yet more questions. Men really love that.

I also ask a man’s opinion and I ask him for advice, but if I don’t agree with an opinion, I’ll make my views known. In a nice, polite way of course.

I let men treat me well too – I’m an old-fashioned kind of gal that way and I like having doors opened for me, I don’t mind a man ordering for me in a restaurant and I like it when a man says, “After you” or insists on walking on the road side of the traffic.

And finally, I think men really do appreciate effort. So, if you’re going out with your man, it’s good to pretend you’re dressing for him as if it’s your first date and you put in lots of effort. It doesn’t need to be obvious effort, but smooth, clean skin, expertly applied make-up, properly styled hair and a well-chosen outfit will go a long, long way – take it from me.

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