Gym crush

It’s no secret that I like to work out. In fact these days we all seem to be a bit more interested in the way we look, and even more so in the way we feel, so exercise is an absolute must. But tragically, as much as we want to look and feel great, there is often a downside to the gym, it can get boring. No matter how many times we swap classes or try different machines there is something inherently dull about repeating the same movement over and over and over again. Well my gym had lost its sparkle some time ago but I persevered, safe in the knowledge that my buns would thank me for it when I hit 40. But would you believe I was rewarded even sooner than that?

As I stared blankly out across the sea of treadmills last night I spotted what can only be described as a god amongst men making his way across the room. Tanned and toned doesn’t even begin to describe him, this was a man I wanted to see more of, and then I suddenly realised – I had!

As he turned to face me I immediately recognised one of my absolute favourite male escort. This was a man who I had met before in very different circumstances, there was a lot less Lycra involved last time if my memory serves me correctly! He smiled at me and made his way over to the weights section and as I continued to pound the infinite surface of my running machine I drifted into a fantasy. A world of gyms populated solely by crush and me. I wondered how many of the guys I had dated as a London escort were working out right now. Visions of rippling muscles covered in sweat flooded my mind and before I knew it my machine was telling me my workout was over. All that was left to do was hurry home and make my favourite kind of phone call.

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