Don’t Bring Storm inside

Winter seems to sink this city into a really bad mood doesn’t it?  Everywhere I go at the moment people are rushing inside to get away from the weather or pushing past each other in a rage brought about by frizzy hair or suits which have been splashed in the rain. In fact this week I even went on a night out where, no matter how much I tried to steer the conversation towards more sensual subjects, my date only wanted to discuss the impending snow storms and delayed public transport.

Now I understand that if your train is late it can throw your day out of whack, and I know that no one particularly likes to be cold and wet. But when the day is over and you get the chance to sit in front of a warm fire with a glass of whiskey and a very cute girl curled up at your feet, why not forget about what’s going on outside? No matter what time your day from hell finishes there are always escorts who can come to your hotel room and regale you with sunny stories or warm you up with passion. There’s never any reason to let a bad day become a bad night, especially if you have a good 24 hour escort agency to hand.

I know that reminiscing about your day is often the best way to get things off your chest. But once you’ve got over the worst of it you need to start making things better. Relax, unwind, enjoy the company of beautiful, busty escort and leave the gloom at your door.  I promise you the rain will seem a distant memory when you meet one of us!

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