Be Man About It

Most escorts in London meet every kind of man under the sun. We meet handsome men and ugly ones, old men and young, we meet rich and poor, shy and gregarious.  We’re never shocked or caught off guard, we love men and we know how to please them.  But regardless what type of man you are there’s only one way to really be a man.

It’s difficult to put your finger on what manliness is; it’s some sort of blurred combination of qualities that get added to over the years. Some people have it, others don’t, but no one can really describe exactly what it is. Escorts in London meet men they love for hundreds of different reasons, and all of them could be said to be manly, despite all looking and acting differently.  The same is true for men who simply aren’t manly, they can have bulging muscles and beards like lumberjacks but it doesn’t necessarily make them have that sparkle.

When I was out on a date this week I witnessed manliness with my own eyes.  ‘Derek’ my date is in his sixties. He smoked for most if his life and it’s stunted his growth, he’s short, skinny and bored of retirement.  He says he enjoys his life and loves meeting new escorts but he’s sad that he doesn’t have the physique he used to.

Our waiter was named ‘Ethan,’ he’s an American who I’ve met many times as a regular in his particular restaurant.  He’s tall, well-trained and permanently tanned. He looks in the mirror more than most of us blink and he makes a fortune in tips from middle-aged women.

Half way through my date a very old lady and her husband sat down opposite us, ‘Ethan’ flopped a pair of menus down in front of them and then disappeared back to his mirror.  The old couple were both nearly blind and obviously had trouble reading, ‘Derek’ noticed this and excusing himself went over to their table and read for them, eventually calling ‘Ethan’ back and helping them order.

His good deed did not go unnoticed, in an instant every woman in the room saw his skinny frame become masked by a manly glow, ‘Ethan’ the waiter was forgotten and ‘Derek’ the sweetheart was revealed.

Manliness has nothing to do with your hairline. London escorts see it every day, perhaps now you can recognise it in yourself?

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