The benefits of Yoga

Without beautiful posture you can’t tell a woman’s true beauty. We know all about body awareness and using it to full effect. A sexy lady always stands up straight as it’s all the better to show off her assets. Our ladies also know a number of other tricks when it comes to body confidence and how they come across. A lot of our London escorts are trained as dancers or yoga experts and they are masters of contortion. They move their bodies in ways you could never imagine – ways that delight and excite.

You don’t believe us – you don’t think something that is that simple can possibly hold the key to sexiness? Just look at our gallery and check out all of our beautiful young ladies. From improving your overall health and fitness to helping you sleep better at night. Yoga especially can be an enlightening form of exercise that makes you feel better inside and out. It also provides great results without injuring your body.

Benefits of Yoga:

1. It can provide cardio while also acting as strength training, often using your own body weight as resistance. Especially if you opt for hot yoga!

2. You can practice yoga anywhere. Yoga can be done at home, in the park, or on holiday, usually with no cumbersome equipment.

3. Although it promotes flexibility and alignment.  It also provides tight abs and a round, firm bum. Bikini body and improved overall health. The best of both worlds!

4. It’s keeps you limber for longer. If your workout is lacking a stretching time, yoga might be the perfect addition.

5. It improves your mental clarity and concentration. Studies even show that it can treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

6. It can help you prevent osteoporosis. Women are naturally prone to brittle bone disease, so strengthen yourself from the inside out with yoga.

7. It can improve your immunity system. Getting a flu jab is boring, but yoga is actually fun.

8. You progress at your own pace, and there’s no hierarchy or belt system to make you feel bad about your progress.

9. It has gastrointestinal benefits. If you suffer from digestive problems, regularly practicing yoga can improve it.

10. If you have asthma or other respiratory issues. There are breathing exercises in yoga. Talk to your Doctor before you decide to use yoga for breath therapy.

11. It can be done by pregnant women. Lot of workouts can’t be done into late trimesters, but those who safely practice yoga while pregnant experience better deliveries and labours.

12. It can help long term with pain management and chronic pain. Since it’s not a drug, everyone from young to old can do yoga. People suffering from joint or back pain can benefit.

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