Plastic Surgery & Hollywood

We like to think that the all Hollywood stars back in the day were naturally beautiful. If you thought that they didn’t have plastic surgeons as we do today to enhance and reshape their faces and bodies, think again. Plastic surgery has actually been a staple for Hollywood stars since the 1920s.  Many of these stars we consider to be the most beautiful actually had plastic surgery.

So, what do you like when it comes to top London escorts? Escorts often go down the route of plastic surgery to enhance what Mother Nature didn’t give them. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t think there is anything wrong with enhancing your assets. And today we’re going to take a look at some of the stars that got it all started. 

1. Marilyn Monroe

There’s been a lot of speculation over the years regarding Marilyn’s beauty. She never mentioned it, which was probably wise at the time. However around 50 years after her death it was revealed to the public that she had had plastic surgery. She has undergone rhinoplasty, which was very dangerous at the time. She even had a little help with breast implants to enhance her famous curves. The shape of her chin was changed too. While Marilyn was already beautiful to begin with, she did have a little help.

2. Rudolph Valentino

Rudolph Valentino, the star of silent movies, also has had to undergo plastic surgery and his was a little different than the norm. He went under the knife to change the shape of his ears. He couldn’t get any good parts because he was always told his ears stuck out. So he corrected them, and suddenly he started getting lots of parts offered to him. Who knew the shape of your ears mattered when it came to acting?

3. Rita Hayworth

 Rita didn’t always look like the redheaded icon we remember. She was a sex symbol of Hollywood in 1940s, but she had to go through lot of changes for that title. Her forehead was narrow, her skin was darker and so was her hair. After all, Rita was of Spanish descent. She had electrolysis hair removal to push her hairline back which made her forehead bigger. Then her hair was coloured red and even whitened her skin. 

4. Burt Lancaster

Characters of rugged men with Burt’s features were suited perfectly. But with time he decided to play more dramatic characters.  He needed to look more polished than he did. So he underwent a few plastic surgeries in order to achieve this. People often joked that over the years he changed so much, that the only thing he had left from his old self were his eyes.

5. Carmen Miranda

Carmen had hers after she was already quite famous, unlike other Hollywood stars.  She never liked how wide her nose was, so she got it thinner. She also decided to have a facelift. Some say she should have just stopped at a nose job because it left her looking surprised for the rest of her life!

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