Heathrow to Central London

London is one of the most amazing cities in the world, so many travellers try to take advantage of any chance they can get to tour some of its unique attractions. London’s Heathrow is where many of our over-seas clients fly into. Indeed, it can be home-from-home for many businessmen who spend more time up in the air than they do down on the ground. For those that have a few hours to kill it’s good to know that getting to central London is very easy. And once there you have quite a treat waiting for you. Our vast selection of the best escorts in London are ready and waiting for you to pop in. They know exactly how to help you pass the time.

Plan your Journey

You’ll see that Central London is not located too far from Heathrow. At just 15 miles away, the capital looks deceptively close, but bear in mind it can take more than an hour just to reach by car, and even more if you arrive during rush hour. We recommend you jump on the Heathrow express for a quick and easy way to the capital.

That means you shouldn’t even think about making a trip to Central London if your layover is shorter than 3-4 hours.  Although it may allow you just enough time for a quick cup of coffee and a visit to one of our incall escorts. If you’re looking to sightsee and a few photo opportunities it’s not enough time for the experience you probably had in mind.

Without having to rush, To truly experience London, you need at least one day, preferably more If you’d like to see everything. If you are staying at Heathrow for just a few short hours, it’s wiser to leave the touristic bits for another occasion.

Outside London Attractions.

Greater London also has a lot to offer, it houses some of the most remarkable sights. In fact, some are actually quite close to Heathrow!

Some of the most commonly visited attractions can be accessed without going into the City  include several venues such as Windsor Castle, historical Hampton Court Palace, as well as the famous Ascot Racecourse.

Some other beautiful places nearby, like Richmond Park, Kew Gardens, Sion Park or Marble Hill House, which might require a bit less time to explore. Travellers with overnight travelers would be wise to stay at a hotel in Heathrow which is in the immediate vicinity of the airport. That way, you’ll have easy access to all of these easy to get to attractions.

Remember to take it easy for early flights..

Early morning flights can be easy to miss, so late-night clubbing and drinking heavy should be enjoyed in moderation, especially if you need to be ready and packed at a very early hour. London, however, is a high-tech city with first-class public services, so you will be able to find an ATM or Wi-Fi connection no matter where you might find yourself. This means you can’t truly get lost in London, and even if you do, locals will be more than happy to direct you towards your destination.

London is definitely full of great famous attractions. From the London Eye to London Bridge, there’s plenty to explore. But as most locals will tell you, London has a reputation for queues. When you want to see the best attractions, whether it be during rush hour, on the tube, the school summer holidays or Notting HIll Carnival, the crowds can become rather overwhelming. So plan well and enjoy London!

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