Admire The View

As with all of our beautiful escorts in London, the type of date you wish to take them on is entirely up to you. A lot of our ladies have the kind of ravishing beauty which would certainly turn-heads at a high-profile business event, but have you ever thought about doing something a little more adventurous?

It’s also not just the physical attraction you’re paying for with our ladies, it’s their captivating and fun personalities too. A lot of clients simply crave a good time with a fun loving female, and what better way to do this than with a sightseeing day out at the top of the O2?

Up at the O2

If it’s something you think you’d like to do we can suggest a few of our adventurous young ladies who would love to join you. Climbing up the O2 in North Greenwich is a great way to get a little exercise and admire the stunning views of London. The 380 meters long walkway allows you to climb over the arena and enjoy breathtaking views at the 52-meter-high summit. Everyone should add to their bucket list.

To start, the very friendly and enthusiastic Climb Guide instructors will fully brief you and make sure that you’re all set with the shoes, climbing suit, and safety harness. As you’re wearing the suit you feel like you’re an astronaut suiting up and getting ready for take-off!

Once you’re strapped in, in single file you’ll make your way to the beginning of the walkway. You harness will get hooked to the rail that runs through the middle of the walkway.

Once you reach the summit and you’re unclipped get ready to pull out your phones and take a lot of photos! The walkway is beautifully lit, and you can admire many of London’s iconic landmarks. You’ll be able to spot iconic sites such as the Olympic Park, Thames Barrier, and The Shard.

Getting down from the dome is easy and great fun. As you pull the harness along while you climb you can take in all the panoramic views of London. It is quite steep, Once it’s all over and you’ve made it back to the ground you are overwhelmed with a sense of achievement!


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