High End Escorts have some secret skills to woo their patrons

When I started my journey as one of the high end escorts in London, I picked up some additional skills that set me apart from my colleagues. I was a bit techie and researched Internet on some innovative sex toys. And, soon I was finding calls from many clients who had come to know about me from their friends.

As a high end escort, I am more interested in male clients but once I received a call from a lady who was seeking company of a woman. This was an outcall and I reached her place at the appointed time. Luckily I was carrying some of my gadgets and when I told her how they work she was interested and impatient like a teenaged schoolgirl. I started with one small vibrator that had sensors for recording temperature, pressure and vaginal movements. I showed her how it works and how its smart reader combines all the data to show when the lady would orgasm.She enjoyed the show even more as I also incorporated some of my human skills with it. Some fondling and caressing did the job on her body and she was fully satisfied.

The machine was a smart one and it could predict how long one will take to get turned on. As a result the next time it knew when the lady will turn on so that she can orgasm most easily and most satisfactorily. Though I had not much to play but seeing her satisfied I was happy and afterwards both of us did something together that pleased both of us!

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