Are You Looking for a Superman?

The role of male escorts in London is simple; we provide company, seduction and fun.  It doesn’t get more complicated than that.  Our aim is to be the best date you’ve ever had.  We want to flirt with you, flatter...

Let Male Escorts in on Your Fantasy.

Posted on by Loverboy
When it comes to dating an escort there’s no reason to hold back.  You can go on a normal, boring date with a normal, boring man any day of the week so when you decide to date a dream guy why should the setting for yo...

Male Escorts

Posted on by Candy
There isn’t a single person in London, no matter who they are or what they do, that doesn’t fantasise.  I dedicate hours of my week to fantasy and I enjoy every second of it!  No matter how focused you are on your ...

Indecent Proposal

Posted on by Candy
A man is out of town and goes down to the hotel lounge for a drink. There he sees a very attractive woman in her early 30's sitting alone. He walks over to her table and says: "I'm in town for the evening and wondering i...




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