The escort blog was originally set up as a way for a small group of london escorts and close friends to share their thoughts and feelings on working in this sometimes weird, sometimes wonderful and sometimes quite dangerous industry. For those who get caught up in escorting for whatever reasons, living a life that some envy and others despise, you can’t deny the fact that those who enter this world will always comes out of it with stories to tell.

Today the escort blog invites escorts from all over the country to join, allowing our readers a little insight into their lives and experiences. The undeniably fascinating lives of these individuals who choose to lead this secretive and some what unconventional existence certainly makes for some interesting reading, and for those out there who wish to share their understandings, adventures, happenings and emotions, the escort blog provides the perfect platform to do so.

The Escort Blog welcomes anyone who has an opinion on this subject to share their thoughts by commenting on the posts. From strongly disagreeing to something to simply commenting on how much a particular post was liked. Whatever our readers feelings and beliefs may be, The Escort Blog enables them to have a say and voice their opinions. We always appreciate our readers input.

It’s not surprising that The Escort Blog has fast become extremely popular and not only just within the escorting community. With the recent success of the TV series ‘secret diary of a call girl’ which was based on a real call girl’s award-winning blog, many people today find this way of life intriguing, even if they’d never dream of doing it themselves. The escort blog enables it’s readers to gain a greater understanding of what it’s like for some of the guys and girls who’ve had hands on experiences in this line of work. With sometimes witty observations, shocking revelations, and hilarious scenarios, including explicit insights about this taboo lifestyle, some of the blogs posted on this site really have to be read to be believed. They certainly make for a titillating reading experience unlike any other….




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