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Female Fantasies & Male Escorts

If you think females don’t sit around fantasising about all things naughty, think again. The top 10 female sex fantasies covers everything from fetishes to threesomes, and you may be surprised to know that many ...

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I meet a variety of different men throughout the course of a year.  They can be single and inexperienced, married and bored out of their minds, or serial daters who can’t get enough of women.  And no matter who I mee...


When I was asked to write a special post for The Escort Blog this week I was a little unsure what to say.  If I said ‘yes’ then all sorts of people would be able to read about my experiences of hiring male escorts, ...

How to be Great on a Date

Posted on by Babydoll
How to be Great on a Date This week The Escort Blog has some sure fire tips for the perfect escort date. If you’re feeling a little unsure about your skills then read through our guide and put your mind at ease. ...

Are You Looking for a Superman?

The role of male escorts in London is simple; we provide company, seduction and fun.  It doesn’t get more complicated than that.  Our aim is to be the best date you’ve ever had.  We want to flirt with you, flatter...

London Escort Girls

Posted on by Candy
A lot of my friends are intrigued about the life of a London escort girl.  I’m always being asked whether it’s glamorous or if I feel safe and I always tell them the same thing: a London escort girl is a first date ...




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