Summer brings out the best in us all

Does sunshine bring out the best in people? As one of the London Escorts, I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last week or so while enjoying the summer picnicking in the park. As I work mainly in the evening hours, my job has allowed me to maximise time outdoors and, believe me, boy have I been soaking up those rays.

Everyone I’ve spoken to over the last seven days has seemed more cheerful – there are smiles everywhere on the faces of London’s population believe it or not, tourists! Smiling is something I do a lot of anyway, to be honest. That’s because I love my job and the chances it gives me to meet so many different people who just want to have some company for the evening during a meal, events or corporate outing.

In the winter, the events I go to with my clients tend to be indoors-based, but in the summer we can go to restaurants and sit outside watching the sun go down on the incredible London skyline. Or we can take a boat trip on the Thames, gliding past riverside pubs and restaurants where the population has spilled outdoors to enjoy the views. I love it…

The other benefit of all this sunshine is the chance to sunbathe. I’ve also been sitting out on my balcony in my bikini. A light tan, after all, makes me much more body confident and always looks fabulous with whatever summer dress I pick out to suit my date for the evening. Escorts in London like to get a feel for how their clients like their date to dress. I’m perfectly happy to go along with their choices – especially as my clients of late have been asking me to wear one of my favourite summer dresses which does a splendid job of hinting at my all-over tan underneath.

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