From Client to Lover

I’m often asked once people get to know what I do ie work for what some would term a Cheap Escort Agency, if I’ve ever stepped over the boundary and fallen in love with one of my clients.

But it’s not an easy ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer because of course I’m attracted to some of my clients and it wouldn’t be difficult to fall for them – many of them are powerful, successful and good-looking men. However, the reason they’re coming to me in the first place is that they don’t want the kind of complications being in a relationship would bring. And because I know that, I keep my emotions in check.

Of course it doesn’t always work the other way around. I’ve had two clients to date who have admitted they’d fallen for me and asked if I would consider giving up escort work and just see them exclusively. But I don’t believe that’s a good grounding for a relationship – asking someone to give up something they enjoy and which gives her a sense of independence.

I do have relationships out with my work and I’m always honest with my partners – telling them that I work in the escort industry. If they don’t like it, the relationship doesn’t last. I’d rather risk that than not being honest with them from the start. My current partner for instance is fine about it. He sees what a good lifestyle it brings me – which incidentally he gets to share in – and I think he actually quite likes the idea that his girlfriend is so hot other men want to spend their spare time with her.

The only time my job gets in the way is if we want to have a cosy night in. Then it has to be arranged well in advance with me notifying clients that I won’t be available that evening or weekend. But that’s a small sacrifice to make in the great scheme of things really.

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