Variety is indeed the spice of life…

When working as one of the popular Escorts In London you tend to deal with a huge section of the populace. In other words your clients differ in status, employment, intellect even gender. Personally, I find the variety stimulating.

There are some Escorts In London who will only opt to meet with the same type of client on a continual basis. That’s their choice of course but I can’t help feeling they’re missing out on an awful lot.

For instance, one day I can be meeting a client in a club who is 22 and regaling me with his life at university (though I do tend to switch off a bit when he brings his studies into it; having never been particularly interested in chemistry at school myself). Then the next day I could be dining with a charming 65 year old gent in Claridges who is having me in fits of laughter at his and his colleagues exploits when working as a diplomat out in Hong Kong during the 1980s.

But, of course, the differences aren’t only in age. There’s a huge occupational cross-section too. CEOs and other leading businessmen tend to proliferate but I also meet a lot of doctors, lawyers, architects and there’s a vet or two I’ve spent an enjoyable evening with in the past.

Clients working in the computer industry have grown in recent years and so too has the number of government civil servants (could it be with all the job cuts and stress they’re looking for a diversion?).

Years ago I met with a pretty prominent politician for around a year. But, after a while the secrecy became really dull. We never went out and if we did, there was so much checking with bodyguards that frankly by the time it was all arranged I’d lost the notion. As I said earlier; give me Joe Blogs any day.

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