I am a huge fan of London’s amazing museums. I honestly do not think I could ever get bored of visiting any of them and this week’s jobs included a rather more unusual request, but one which I jumped at.

My client wanted me to accompany him to a museum. He was a stranger to London and the UK and he wanted to try a taste of something cultural, with someone from a London escort agency who was knowledgeable about the city. I obliged and suggested we visit the Natural History Museum as I knew there is a brilliant exhibition on there at the moment.

The exhibition is about mammoths and you can wander amongst huge fossils and life-sized models of the mammoths to get a real feel for what this extinct creatures were like. It was truly fascinating and my client and I gaped in awe as we wandered round. He said it was the best exhibition he had ever been to and I felt pride – that I was able to show him just how interesting and intriguing this city can be.

You see – London escort agencies can offer up all kinds of experiences if you are a client seeking out services and touring the capital’s fabulous museums and fascinating exhibitions is just one of them.

I’m hoping for many more such bookings over the next few months. After all, there is so much to do and see here in London. I’d like to be booked for the exhibition at the British Museum – it’s all about Vikings and Vikings are certainly my marauding invader of choice. Then the British Library is hosting an exhibition about comics and I’m a real Marvel fan so that appeals too.

Any takers? Book me for your museum trip and I promise to be very grateful indeed.

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