9 to 5 Is Not for Me

I’ve always liked being in control of my life and as a London Escort, I really have, even when I was at school I hated my mum telling me what to do all the time.

Many of the friends I was at school and university with, it seems to me, have very little control over their lives. Most of them are in a huge amount of debt from university for starters. And then there are the ones who aren’t in debt but are paying a fortune to live in over-crowded flats miles out of town.

I know so many people too who have stacks of qualifications but who can’t get a job. Or they are faced with really tedious office jobs that are poorly paid and going nowhere.

I need my privacy – obviously! – so a shared flat isn’t an option for me and I need to live in a nice part of the city – not too central, but not too far out either. I want to be able to leave my flat at night and feel safe, and I want to live in a neighbourhood with great shops, interesting deli’s and amazing restaurants.

Oh, and if there is a great boutique and shoe shop nearby that’s an added bonus. My neighbourhood does have fabulous clothes and shoe shops – there’s one store I visit which sells the most amazing stiletto heels which I often wear for dates with clients. Maybe you’ve already checked my shoes out?

The Escorts agency I work for allows me to live in a nice area, work the hours I want and make a good income. I won’t be struggling for years to pay off students loans and I find my job truly fascinating. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy getting dressed up in gorgeous underwear and clothes for dates with fascinating people and getting to experience the best this city offers in terms of restaurants, bars and clubs?

One thing is for certain. You can keep your 9 to 5 grind!

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