Super Sexy School Girl

As regular readers know, I pride myself in never looking cheap. I like the good things in life – fine wine, top restaurants, and designer clothing – and I think I can look at home in an the best hotels and venues.

But the tastes of men are diverse and a recent client didn’t want an expensive classy look at all. He told me he had chosen to book a escort agency through because he wanted a cheap look. It reminded him, he said, of his long-ago school days in a rough northern comprehensive. He’d been 14 and the girls in the years above him had seemed glamorous, out of his reach and impossibly hard and tough.

The point of booking me was to recreate those long-ago days, but this time he was going to get the girl.

To ensure that I captured what he wanted, I dug out an old school costume. Most of the time, my clients do not seek out this kind of look but I keep the uniform for occasions such as this. I applied thick black eye make-up, bright pink lipstick and I bought a packet of bubble gum. Luckily, those old bubble blowing skills I learned years ago are still with me.

My client looked as if he wanted to weep when I opened the door to him dressed up in my old school gear. To add to the occasion, I had chosen a peek-a-boo bra and some crotchless black lace knickers. When he spotted those, he looked as if he had died and gone to heaven.

As I said, my client had requested a cheap look but the tip he gave me afterwards was far from stingy. Perhaps I need to dig out that old school costume and the black and red underwear combination on a much more regular basis?

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