The Recession-Proof Career

“You must be quiet at this time of year,” my hairdresser said to me recently (I was getting a blow-dry ahead of a photo shoot). “I mean, surely no-one is looking for escorts in London in January post Christmas and all that.”

“Oh you might well be surprised,” I smile at her and wink “Perhaps because January is seen as such a miserable month, post Christmas and all that, men think they need some kind of consolation prize.”

“Are you a consolation prize then?” my hairdresser asked as she concentrated on adding large bouncy curls to my blonde mane. She winked though, so I don’t think she meant it.

“Consolation might be the wrong word… but I still think I make January a cheerier month for many people. I had a lot of bookings the first week in January and I’ve been pretty busy since, but not so busy than I can’t have time to myself like this.”

She nodded. “So what kind of stuff have you been doing?”

I raised my eyebrows and she blushed. “Well, I said, the demand for escorts in London means I can pick and choose jobs to a certain extent, and I’ve been enjoying myself with some of my regular clients. I have also gone out for dinner a few times. The restaurants are quieter than usual at this time of year so I have some very intimate dinners with people. Take last Friday for example, that poor waiter did not know where to look.”

My hairdresser looked jealous at that point. “I wish I’d been as busy in January, but hardly anyone wants their hair done this month.”

“Ah you see, I have chosen a recession-proof career – and one that isn’t really affected by whatever the time of year is. Summer, winter, January or July, I know there will always be steady work.”

She was quiet for a long time after that. I could tell I had given her food for thought.

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