London night life is all it’s cracked up to be

Does this city ever sleep? It’s usual to refer to New York as the city that never nods off, but these days I reckon London qualifies too, which is where I’m sure you’ll agree the concept of 24 hour Escorts in London is a necessity.

But then, I love the glamour of night life. My clients take me to fantastic events – awards evenings, company dinners or outings to the best restaurants in town (and these days there seems to be a new restaurant opening every other week I’m pleased to report). I adore the buzz of stepping out of a black cab into a busy night street, arm in arm with a client I love chatting to. Come the evening hours when people relax and get happier it’s play time and this becomes the best job in the world.

Living PM hours means I get to dress differently from the nine to fiver’s. I’m not confined to skirts or trouser suits – which is just as well as I’ve always been a woman who prefers dresses to jeans. I adore the feminine styles of yesteryear for instance – the nipped-in waists of the 50s are a particular favourite and suit my hour glass figure to a tee. I also hanker after some of those gorgeous 60s print dresses so favoured by the likes of Mary Quant. High heels are another must have for me – elegance is sadly under-rated these days amongst a lot of women it seems.

I’m keen too on proper fabrics, of course, and because of this invest in silks, satins and cashmere on a regular basis. I want my outfits to invite touch and comment, after all.

If you were to ask 24/7 Escorts in London what their favourite time of the day is, I bet the majority of them would say the 7-9pm slot. That’s the period filled with excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead and let’s just say I always experience a little tingle or two around that time.

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