Be healthy and happy not dull and depressed

No doubt about it, Escorts are what you’d term a special kind of women. It’s part of our job to look good so it’s important that I factor in gym appointments and regular facials to my day to day life.

The gym I go to has windows looking out onto a green square near the centre of London. Often, I’ll get onto the treadmill, gaze out of the glass and hammer out kilometre after kilometre thinking about the night ahead and what I’m going to talk about with my client. I use a personal trainer too, as I need him to push me so that I lift that heavier weight and do that horribly painful last set of squats.

It’s worth it though, to feel confident about your body and know how fantastic you’ll look in particular situations.

A close friend of mine is a beautician and she can always find the time to squeeze me in for waxing appointments or facials in her busy central salon (well, I tell her it’s an emergency of course!). Naturally, she always has lots of questions to ask me about my life as a London Escort. I’ll give her some chit chat about places I’ve been to or restaurants I’ve visited (after all, gossiping with friends is a huge part of a lady’s life). But rest assured no names ever pass my lips and she knows not to ask. Discretion isn’t just my watchword, it’s my livelihood.

Another friend of mine asks me regularly, is it all worth it? She refers to my worship of the ‘body beautiful’ such as the time I spend in the gym and tweaking my body. I remind her of my flexible working hours, the interesting and the entertaining people I meet on a regular basis. Regular readers of the will know an escort’s life is never, ever dull. Now how many people can say the same?

And of course I also point out that looking after yourself isn’t selfish or self-indulgent. It’s actually about being healthy and happy. What’s so bad about that?

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