Do you remember that Madonna hit, Hanky Panky which came out around the early 90s? I was merely a child when the song was a hit, but I do remember singing it – well, it was catchy – and horrifying my poor mother.

As one of the Escorts in London, clients ask me from time to time for the odd bit of spanking. You may well be imagining me in gorgeous silk underwear which displays my ice-cream scoops to full advantage bent over a chair whilst some guy wields a cane, but you’d be wrong… The requests I get most often look for me to administer the spanking and not for me to be on the receiving end (not that I particularly mind the latter to be honest).

Luckily, all of the tennis I’ve been playing of late in tribute to Andy Murray means that I have a mean backhand and I can serve with aplomb. I also lift weights on a regular basis. Such upper body strength serves me well as a result, whether I use a cane, a table tennis bat or a slipper (the latter request was an ex-public school boy).

Sometimes, the spanking by itself is all a man wants. The sheer thrill of surrendering to a woman and her cane swishing through the air is enough. Other times, the act is so exciting the man can’t help himself. He wants more.

Of course, I dress the part too. If you’re going to spank someone then only a black leather corset, black over the knee boots and a mask will do. And if you’re trying to imagine the kinds of people who want to be spanked, don’t even attempt to pigeon hole them as I’m sure my answer would surprise you. Lawyers, CEOs, builders, plumbers, TV executives, senior managers, junior managers, insurance salesmen – all of these professions have contacted Escorts in London and asked specifically for a beating. And I’m just the one to administer it.

You never can tell who’s up for what really, can you? But then, that what makes life all the more interesting…

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