A Close Encounter – but it ends well

My friend Lillian dropped by the other afternoon for a catch-up. We deserved a treat I reckoned so I suggested we pop over to Claridge’s for afternoon tea. Lillian was very keen.

She seems to live life vicariously through me a lot of the time and always wants to know what I’ve been up to. I tell her what I can – naturally I’m always discreet and don’t mention names or businesses – and this particular day she had a burning question she was desperate to ask.

“So as a London Escort, have you ever run into friends or family when you’re out with a client? I mean, I know London’s a big place, but they do say the world’s a village.”

She had a gleeful look on her face. I think she was imagining all kinds of embarrassing scenarios and wondering how I would have coped with them. I grinned back at her. “I did run into my mum once.”

“NO!” she shrieked. I’m always happy to oblige when my friends want entertaining with a lurid story. “So, what happened?”

As I’ve revealed before, my parents don’t know what I do. I tell them I make money though market research programmes and freelance design – that’s why I can pick my own hours if you see what I mean. This particular evening, a client and I were walking through Covent Gardens. It was a beautiful clear night and we’d just been to the opera. I saw these two women walking towards us and realised it was my mum and her friend Margaret, obviously down from Essex for a night on the town.

My mum saw me. “Darling!” She looked guilty; I suppose because she thought she should have tried to arrange to see me while she was in London. Then she spotted my companion.

I introduced them briefly. I didn’t use my client’s real name and I said he was a friend from my university days. Thankfully for me, my client played along brilliantly. He even made up some great stories about the fun we used to have at university. My mum said she didn’t remember me mentioning him and he laughed it off and said it was because I’d been so popular at university, I’d had so many friends I wouldn’t have been able to remember them all.

Hey ho. Escorts have to prepare for all sorts of situations and the truth could have involved a lot more explaining.

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