Tonight’s date is taking a different form than the kinds of outings and events I usually go to.

I will be accompanying my client to a corporate barbecue. His company is taking advantage of the amazing weather we have been having so their annual ‘thanks’ to their London-based staff will be a barbecue held at one of those specialist London gastro pups. Spit roasts and all.

In common with all of the girls at the London Escort Agency, I’m game to try anything – food-wise and date-wise and I’m looking forward to tonight. My client is one of the star performers at his workplace and I guess he thought it more appropriate for someone to be there by his side clapping and being pleased when he receives the award or bonus for a great year’s work from his company. That’s human nature isn’t it, to want for an appreciative audience and I’m more than happy to be on Team Client’s side.

As the event is a barbecue, it will be rather more informal than the usual corporate affairs that I go to. Sometimes, clients worry about where that informality might lead. Y’know, their colleagues start to wonder about me. They ask questions – how do you know such and such and where did you meet etc?

London Escort Agencies school their girls in such situations, so clients never need to worry on that score. If the risk of awkward questions might arise, we discuss our cover story with clients beforehand. I keep it simple enough for both of us to remember without having to try too hard. But I always use a very convincing story and I’m very, very good at deflecting attention. Return a question with a question and usually a person doesn’t notice that you haven’t answered. That’s my theory and nine times out of ten it works.

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