The Best Buns

I meet new men every day of the week and by now it seems as if I’ve entertained men from every profession under the sun. Incall escorts meet lots of men who bring their work home with them; outcall girls meet men who are trying desperately to escape their offices. Most of our jobs don’t define who we are but this week I went on a date with a man named ‘Bill’ and his job influenced everything from his sleeping pattern to the way he smelled.

‘Bill’ wanted to meet an outcall escort with a very flexible schedule. He said that he worked unsociable hours and couldn’t meet anyone unless they lived nearby. Escorts know how important it is to be flexible so his unusual hours were no problem for me. We met in a little café in the east end of London and as soon as I got close enough to shake ‘Bill’s’ hand I knew there was something I liked about him, I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

‘Bill’ said he lived and worked next door and then invited me up to see his place.  His flat was over what looked like a workshop, and when I got inside I finally realised what made him so special.  ‘Bill’ was a baker, his flat was small and his bedroom was right above the ovens in the kitchen below.  This might not sound very sexy to you but for me it was heaven.  Everything from his clothes to his curtains to his skin smelled of fresh, warm breads and cakes.  What more could a girl ask for than a date where she felt like she was floating on a cloud of sugar and warm air?  Our date was as gentle and relaxing as any I’ve been on, and I can say for certain that ‘Bill’ has the best buns in London.

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