Being an ‘all-rounder’

Being a successful London escort isn’t difficult I’ve found, provided you’re prepared to put the effort in. As you might expect, it’s like any other profession really – the harder you work at it, the bigger the rewards.

I’d never just crawl out of bed in the morning, drink several cups of coffee then head out for a day’s shopping or whatever. No such slobby lifestyle for me! My days are highly structured and full really when I’m not meeting clients.

For instance I make sure I always get to the gym for at least five hours a week and if that’s not possible because I’m abroad with a client for a few days then I have a personal workout routine I can go through in any hotel – or private – gym. This exercise programme was devised specially for me by a personal trainer and is designed to tone up the bust, stomach and bottom area. I keep my legs in shape by running.

You’ll find most escorts dress extremely well too and this doesn’t come without expert knowledge of the latest fashion trends, tailoring and where to find the best designer dresses. London, Paris, Rome – I already have my favourite haunts in each of these cities (Paris being by far the best!).

But of course, escorts aren’t just expected to look great, it’s also a must to be entertaining and stimulating company. After all – that’s what your clients usually provide in turn. I’m never had so much fun half the time as when I’m with some of my favourite clients. We talk books, art, politics even. The latter isn’t exactly my favourite topic of conversation but I make the effort to keep up with date with what’s happening in that sphere so I can keep my own end of the conversation up.

Contrary to popular opinion, being an escort isn’t just about looks – you’re expected to be an all-round individual. And that’s what I love about it!

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