Some guys seem like they have it all; a good education, plenty of cash and good looks to boot. But things aren’t always as they seem and this week one of our ladies was whisked off to the countryside with a man who had it all, but couldn’t seem to enjoy it.

‘William’ is a handsome, thirty-something guy we’ve known for a while now, the first time  he called was when he needed a last minute date for his school reunion. Usually when our ladies are asked to attend a school reunion it’s in a bland, 70’s assembly hall and they’re there to make my date’s first love jealous. But, William’s school reunion was like the last night of the proms in comparison. It was held in an extremely expensive private school, there were carved oak pillars and union flags as far as the eye could see and a conspicuous lack of the fairer sex.

Having been carted off to a same sex boarding school at the age of 7 ‘William’ and his peers had never really had the chance to mingle with women. Thankfully ‘William’ had decided to do something about it and looked up a GFE escort companion online. He found us and the rest is history.

We’ve had a few weekend breaks together and ‘William’ is always wonderful company. Our girls have taught him how to communicate with women, how to dance, seduce and enjoy himself. But despite the wonderful time they’ve spent together ‘William’ is still extremely shy, in fact he’s so shy he won’t even talk to other escorts!

What ‘William’ really needs is to meet more women, our Girlfriend escorts often date in pairs and if I could convince him to try something a bit more saucy like a double date, it might help him to be more relaxed when he meets average women and wants to chat them up.

Whatever happens ‘William’ will meet the woman of his dreams one day and make her his wife, and with all the cheeky tips and tricks he’s got from us what a lucky lady she’ll be!

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