Your Secrets and my Fantasy

There’s no need to be ashamed of the things we think about. Fantasies are there to entertain, arouse and teach us something about ourselves. We all have them, we all enjoy them and sometimes we don’t make the most of them.

Professional escorts are fantasy women. We look like supermodels and party like rock stars. We can be elegant and educated at the same time as being saucy and seductive. And best of all; we work for 24 hour escort agencies which means we’re available whenever you’re in the mood. We’re experienced and when it comes to keeping secrets we’re the best in the city.

There are probably a few things you’d never admit to your wife or your girlfriend. There are things you dream about that you’d never dare to mention to your best friend.  Whoever we are and however comfortable we are with our desires there are always a few things we keep secret.

But whatever it is that you’re hiding I want to know.   If you like wearing leather then I want to hear about it, if you’re into domination and role play then I’m all ears.  Whatever weird and wonderful idea you’ve had for an evening with an escort I’m desperate to know.  Not because I’m nosey, but because I’m filthy.  I’m going to take every flirty fantasy you can come up with and use it when I’m alone in my bath tub or lying in my bed.  I want to take your secrets and use them for my own pleasure.

Escorts won’t share your secrets, but I might just turn them into my own reality!

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