24hr London Escorts

No one likes a wasted journey, in fact there are few things I find more irritating than getting all dressed up to meet a girlfriend in town and then getting a call from her when I’m already in the cab to say she isn’t coming, it’s not just a waste of my time it’s often a waste of my brand new silk stockings.

And it’s not just scuppered dinner reservations or trips to a terrible play that wind us all up.  I was out with a dear old gentleman friend of mine last week who called me out of the blue because he’d flown all the way to London only to have his meeting cancelled!  Can you think of anything more frustrating?

Well thankfully he had my number and to be honest I get quite a few dates from people who have been stood up by their bosses. 24 hour escorts in London are available all night for a reason; they know that things go wrong all the time and that people want to see a friendly face in the middle of the night occasionally.

Once my date and I had eaten and caught up I did manage to convince him that there was an upside to his situation; his company had paid for his flights and hotel suite, along with the meal we were eating and the champagne we were drinking. That certainly seemed to take some of the edge off his bad mood. “Maybe they’ll even splash out on a massage and a dip in the hot tub?” I said, and suddenly his journey didn’t seem so wasted anymore.

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