Work Out in London

Exercise need not be dull, especially in London where there’s always something new! We all like to look our best and there is no shortage of ways to help maintain that perfect figure these days. From the going to the gym, dancing and trying out new sports to diets, spa days and surgical treatments, we all find what works best for us in our quest for the the perfect body. 

Top escorts in London always make an effort to keep healthy – they eat a great diet, workout to maintain their curves and they drink a lot of water. But from time to time the gym can get a bit dull. Why not try one of the gyms or classes with a difference? Whether you see yourself as a ballet barre kind of girl or a boxing fan, there’s something for everyone.


1Rebel’s Ride studio in Victoria is more like a theatre than a gym. Bright lights, a stage, multi-tiered flooring: In many ways it is a performance, but one where the 80-bike strong audience must take part too.

The 3D sound system, Ibiza-style lighting and special effects transport you to another world – one where exercise is actually fun. Power through, and you could burn up to 800 calories in one class. There are six 1Rebel gyms across the city, including a newly opened studio in Angel. Expect to be mentally and physically challenged in a series of high-powered treadmill sessions and dynamic weight sequences, designed to push you to exertion. Various locations.


Famous for sculpting the bodies of everyone from Rita Ora to Pippa Middleton. Barrecore is a hybrid of pilates, yoga and ballet, designed to tone, strengthen and lengthen . Here it’s all about small, low-intensity movements and pulses.

Expect to feel muscles shake like never before, particularly your glutes and lower abs. Barrecore have many studios across the city, including a summer pop-up at Four Seasons Park Lane. Afterwards, indulge in some post-workout relaxation at the spa – barre students are treated to discounted entry. 


Indoor cycling empire SoulCycle has opened its first international studio in Soho. Since launching over a decade ago, the brand has developed a massive following in America, with clientele including the likes of Michelle Obama and Beyoncé. SoulCycle promises something different: a mind-body-soul experience, which is not just about burning calories, there’s a lot of talk about energy, positive mantras and getting into the zone, each studio has its own crystal, classes are candlelit. Be warned: you might be asked to high-five your neighbour. It does seem Londoners are hooked already – the 63-bike strong classes tend to fill up completely, and even David Beckham was spotted there.

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