Watch what you Say.

Escorts in London go on a whole lot of dates. I know that sounds obvious but I’m talking about morning till evening, seven days a week. Whatever the weather they go out and meet some of the most interesting men this great city has to offer. And while they might always be sexy and sultry and ready for a good time, their dates can sometimes throw a spanner in the works despite all their best intentions.

This week one of our very lucky mature escorts went to accompany our dear friend “David” out to dinner. They’ve been seeing each other for months now and the arrangement is always the same: he’s the boss and he’s very busy, they have a great meal together and then he realises he’s forgotten something at the office and they have to go back there after the rest of his colleagues have gone home and collect it.

His chosen escort makes sure her attire is always correct, a nice tight pinstripe skirt and a crisp, white shirt unbuttoned to a level which is not strictly professional. Her hair is pulled back and glasses help to perfectly emphasise her long lashes.

It was in this outfit that she met “David” several days ago at his favourite restaurant.  They were chatting happily away, gazing into each other’s eyes and paying no attention to the world around us when a gentlemen in his 50’s approached, greeting “David” with a wide smile.

The man was introduced as “Allan” and our lady, in turn, was introduced as “My secretary, Lucy.” A flash of confusion flashed across Allan’s face, he smiled politely and left. Several seconds later “David” turned quite red, his eyes bulged and he groaned. Allan was actually “David’s” real boss, the man who had no doubt hired “David’s” real secretary.

This morning I got an email from “David” telling me that he’d managed to explain away his slip of the tongue to his boss and that all was well. But my tip to all of you out there is that it’s great to get into character when you roll play, but remember to think before you introduce the man that pays your wages to your favourite fantasy date.

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