Passion and Personality

Just because some ladies like to play with fire it doesn’t mean you have to risk getting burned. What makes an escort good is that she understands how to play her role without scaring you away. If you’re looking for excitement without risk then using a good 24hr escort agency in London is the way forward. Likewise if you want a girlfriend who’s completely sweet and innocent but also incredibly sexy and open-minded when the lights go out then GFE escorts can perfectly fill that role. While character traits may differ from woman to woman there’s one thing that makes our escorts’ personalities elite: how they use them.

I work with a lot of London escorts and I know that they can be sweet and bubbly or dark and mysterious and everything in between. I have friends who are strong-willed and out of control, the kind of girls who leave you sweating and breathless, and I have friends who are soft, patient and relaxing, they leave you happy and at peace. I can’t tell you which one is better because the personality you choose depends on the personality you have. What I can say is that whatever you want in a date our girls have got it. And one thing is for certain; whichever character you choose, they all use their qualities for the same purpose: to please you.


I personally like to think of myself as one of those ladies who keeps things spicy.  I sizzle, I spank and I scream, I’m a true wild child and a night with me is a night you’ll remember.  But no matter how passionate and uninhibited I become I never lose focus; my job is to please and I’m very good at it.  So next time you’re looking for a girl who suits your mood why not call up me or one of my friends and see if the claims I make are true – you won’t be disappointed!

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