Neighbourly Watch

I think you all know by now that my favourite dates are the slightly unusual ones, and I’m sure the same is true of most escorts.  I’ve told you before about my role playing adventures and the men who make them so special, but it isn’t often that I get asked to do something completely new, something I’d never have thought of myself.

This week I met a new date for the first time, his name was ‘Pete’ and he had some special requests that I was more than happy to oblige. I live on a rather nice, leafy street in London, not much happens there and it’s as close to safe and quiet as you’re going to get in the city. When ‘Pete’ made his booking he seemed equally as interested in my on-street parking availability as he did in my own inimitable charms, and when I told him there were plenty of spaces available he could barely disguise his delight.

When he explained his fantasy date to me I completely understood why my street was perfect for him. ‘Pete’ liked to watch, but he worked long hours so he needed to find a good fetish escort in London who was available late at night. His fantasy was to sit in his car in the darkness and look at me through my window as I went about my evening routine.

When he arrived for our ‘date’ I’d just come back from an evening session at the gym and, just as we’d arranged, he sat in his car and watched as I showered and changed. After half an hour of watching and waiting ‘Pete’ came and rang on my door, he told me what he’d seen and told me off for acting so provocatively on a residential street. At which point of course I invited him in for a glass of wine and tried to apologise.

The night was a complete success, but it wasn’t until this morning when I went out to get my daily coffee that I noticed the old man from across the road. I’ve never met him before but he came out and met me with a big grin and a cheery wave. Well, it seems like I’ve given a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘neighbourhood watch’!

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