A careful balance

In our professional lives we are forced to maintain a careful balance and not let our personalities jeopardise our work but when we get into the bedroom the opposite is often true. We are each, more or less, dominant or submissive. Some of us shy away from conflict, others refuse to be pushed around, and some enjoy taking complete control.  Allowing our real personality to surface can be both sexy and cathartic. A good escort always knows this and it’s something you should explore too.


Domination is about control, it’s about having your desires satisfied on your terms. Being dominated by your date can be great, but it can be just as much fun to do the dominating.  Giving orders, holding your date down, taking charge of the situation and doing whatever you want; if this sounds good to you then make a date with a professional escort in London and allow your dominant side out to play once in a while.

Let your imagination run wild, if you’ve found a date who is submissive you’ll have some of the most exciting and rewarding evenings of your life but make sure it’s someone you are comfortable with and let them know what to expect.


Submission relieves you of all responsibility. If you like the idea of giving in to your date, of being completely at the mercy of their desires, or of getting them to totally overpower you then submission is for you. If you like to experiment with pain, whether it be biting, spanking or dripping candle wax on your body then open your mind to the possibilities of a dominant date. If you want to be told off, if you want to be blindfolded, or if you just like the idea of someone else making decisions for you then find some company you trust and make a date.

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