The Secret Life of Escorts

Keeping secrets isn’t just about protecting yourself from the opinions of others; sometimes the act of hiding things from those around you is a pleasure in itself. In an age where we upload our entire life on to social media websites isn’t it nice to keep something for ourselves?

Benjamin Franklin said that three may keep a secret if two of them are dead, well that might be true for presidents and politicians but I know a few escort agencies in London who might disagree. And it certainly doesn’t mean that having something sweet and secret tucked away isn’t a lot of fun.

I know many men who use London escort agencies and choose not to tell anyone, not because they’re ashamed, but because it’s thrilling to live a secret life. Imagine that one minute you’re at work, cursing your boss and screaming at your phone, but as soon as the weekend rolls around you explore London and all it has to offer. You disappear into the night with beautiful women and visit the best hotels. When the weekend is over you go back to work and no one has a clue what kind of decadence you’ve seen.

London escorts hear more confessions than a priest, and they keep them safe and secret. Whether you want to be known by a different name or pretend to be James Bond it doesn’t matter, your secrets shouldn’t eat you up, they should keep you entertained. Finding someone to share your secret life with is a dream come true, so ditch your feelings of guilt and anxiety and go looking for the girl who can make your secrets worth keeping!

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