London Life

The beating heart of London is made up of the people who live in it. It’s the people who want to be around other people, the ones who feel like dancing even on a Wednesday and don’t want to turn out the lights at 10pm. London is vibrant because its people are vibrant; London is fun because we make it fun.

I talk about my love of London a lot to my friends, I live here, which is surely the biggest compliment you can pay a city. For me the attraction comes from the variety London has to offer and the way you are treated if you know where to look.

When you need a friend or a place to be, there’s no other city in England that can offer you what London can. It has so many restaurants and bars, beautiful streets that can lead you into a totally new adventure and make memories that last forever.

I like the good life, and I’m not just talking about champagne bars and backstage lounges, I’m talking about being treated like a VIP. There are places in London where you will be treated like royalty no matter what you’ve got in your wallet. I love the feeling of being treated right and I love having someone to share this city with.

It can be easy to let all the stress of London get on top of you, it can be easy to sink into your work and forget what a weekend of fun looks like. So, if you ever get the feeling that you just need to get out of the house, be treated well and spend some time with a charming young escort then London is the best place to be.

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