Bikini Body

When I was asked to write for The Escort Blog I posed the question ‘what fills up my day?’  I wanted to write and let my potential dates know what kind of girl I am and how I spend my time, and as it turns out the answer was pretty simple; I work hard to be the best person I can be.  I study and keep abreast of current events, I make sure my clothes are always alluring and I try to be nice to everyone I meet.   But if I’m honest the majority of my spare time is spent training to keep my bikini body perfect.

A bikini body is something a lot of people dream about but for me it’s a reality, and something I’ve worked very hard to achieve. A good escort agency in London will only hire the most beautiful women and if I want impress both my date and the agency I work for then my body has to be in top condition.

As we move into the summer in London more and more of us start to think about the way we’re going to look when we’re sunbathing on Hampstead Heath or walking hand in hand through Hyde Park. Escort agencies are keen to keep their customers happy and that means that every girl you’ll meet through an agency is going to have the kind of soft skinned and perfectly toned body you’ve always wanted to get close to.

So I suppose what I really wanted to say was that when you’re thinking of making a date through an agency remember that we’re young women who spend time working on every aspect of our character; you can talk to us and trust us, and if we get the chance to show off our bikini bodies you better believe we’ll make the most of that too!

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