Summer Style Statement

We all know that escorts provide great company but this week I found out that we also make great accessories.

This week my agency set me up on a date with a man who had some rather specific (and absolutely wonderful) requirements. He needed a date to accompany him to a series of events in the fashion and art industry. He wanted someone who was punctual, beautiful and could help him have fun even when his schedule was packed and his good humour was starting to dwindle. He told me that he liked to date escorts because they don’t mind late nights and early mornings and they know how to behave professionally when it comes to promotional events where the champagne flows a little too freely.

What I was most thrilled by was the email I received before our first date, it described in detail the outfit my date would be wearing and then listed the colours, fabrics and shapes I was allowed to wear in order to match him. He even specified the maximum height of my heels! I was delighted; dressing for a date is fun but you never know if you’ll please the man you’re meeting. If only all dates could send me a list of their favourite colours beforehand.

When I met my date we looked absolutely fabulous together, and I’ve no doubt he had picked me because my skin colour matched his own St Tropez tan. And although it might sound like I was a rather exclusive accessory to his outfit, once the parties were over we spent a little time together and I was able to reassure myself that no piece of jewellery sparkles as brightly as a 24hr escort in London!

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