Why London escorts are so special to me?

I have not met many London escorts during my visits to the city but I have been fortunate to meet up two. With my experiences with them, I have come to the conclusion that London escorts are extremely skilful and special. The two ladies I met during the last year were entirely different in their appearance and personalities. But, I somehow found certain similarities in them. Here I will tell you about my experience with the first lady.

Let me first tell you about the young brunette beauty I met in the month of June last year. It was during the bank holidays and as such I had no specific plan to spend the break. I called up the top escort agency in the city after I spotted her in their website. She was embodiment of physical beauty! She had lovely brown hair, a set of brown eyes to match her perfect crème complexion and a slender figure. But she also had the most captivating smile and personality. I could find out that she wasn’t a talker but with her genuine smile and friendly attitude, she made me feel comfortable. When it came to our intimate acts she surprised me with her energy and innovative moves. I ended up spending the entire break with her and will never forget those three days.

If I have the opportunity I will tell you about my experience with the second lady in details but all I can say, London escorts are great when it comes to pleasing their partners and taking care of their innermost desires.

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