International Escorts are great travel companions

Many of my clients like to book international escorts during their vacations and I have been spending the last three summers with one of my clients. I must say he has a great sense of choosing the location and the property when it comes to vacationing.

This year it was a small private island in Indonesia. If you are not habituated to local cuisine it can turn out to be a problem in this part of the world. But we were prepared and had all our supplies neatly packed with us. So, it was a great vacation when both of us cooked, ate and spent the entire time together. The place was completely secluded and housekeeping staff visited our place every alternate day. We were just two of us to enjoy the time. Days were lazy and the nights were hot and steamy moments to discover new pleasures every time. My partner is a great lover so it never felt to be an obligation for me to please him. For him, it was the pure girlfriend experience that one can think of. I knew exactly what he was seeking and surprised him every time without even being asked for it.

The time spent on water sport was fun as well. As the beach was exclusively for the property we never cared to dress for our outings. It was such gratifying and satisfying experience that we were in the waters for a really long time every day. Some physical acts become even more pleasurable when you are immersed in the endless vastness of deep blue water.

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