Exclusive escorts are meant for exclusive pleasure

Not every escort agency in London will have exclusive escorts in their payroll. There are more than one reasons for that…one, there are not many of them, and most of them are too busy handling their selected few clients. I am an insider and I have seen how difficult it is to become an exclusive escort. I have been properly trained and groomed to provide the exclusive service to the top-notch clients visiting the city.

I can say about myself to make my point clear to you. I have been asked to research a bit on my client in advance so that I know little bit about the person, his work and personal life. Since I entertain only a few clients every month I take extreme care to provide the most exclusive service to them. And, you will be surprised to know that it does not include just providing some raw, physical pleasure.

I may be seen with my clients often to help him as a hostess of his party. I have been with my clients during their vacations or business tours, which have taken me to different parts of the world. I have been a great companion to many who needed to talk out their stress and worries and I have soothed their souls with my healing touch! Many sessions naturally progress to a successful physical intimacy and I am quite sure all of my patrons have received more than what they have wanted from an exclusive escort like me. When it comes to pleasing a client I always insist on developing a human connection so that it soothes them mentally too.

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