Elite Escorts are for exclusive pleasure

Elite Escorts in London are not just great as escorts but are wonderful as companions as well. Whenever I am contacted by my clients I know that they may not be interested in only a quick sexual act, because they would have preferred some pocket friendly options for that. Sex to me is not only the physical act to please a body but to be human and soothe the soul as much as the body.

I have one loyal client whom I meet once every month in his villa situated outside the city limits. It is an old, well-maintained property but the evenings I meet him up, I have never found a second person there. He is a true Englishman and I can guess why he prefers me over other elite escorts. It is not entirely because of my bodily assets but my sophistication and my attitude towards my companion. He also likes to have casual conversation with me and he says it makes him relaxed completely. He knows that his identity and communications will be protected and therefore need not to worry about the confidentiality.

Every womanly need in me is also satisfied when I am beside him. He respects me and he is extremely polite even when we are together in bed. I know how to satisfy his needs. He loves gentle and quiet moves and when he is completely ready he takes over. It always ends in a successful crescendo and climax after a brief and intense session.

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