My experience with exclusive escorts

Whenever I am in London, I find the time to fly but not the evenings when I don’t have anything to do in particular. I had always thought that hiring the services of an escort but never contemplated it with seriousness. This was simply because of the fact that I sought companionship and not to spend time with someone just for sexual intimacy. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I first met one of the leading exclusive escorts of London.

The profiles of exclusive escorts I found in a leading agency’s portal were all stunning and classy. I spoke tone I liked most and met her in my hotel. She was dressed beautifully and looked so elegant that I just couldn’t think of sex. The initial moments were little awkward and understanding it she took the control of the situation. After a while we started talking casually and within a short time I found her to be friendly and sensible. Probably her training as an exclusive escort helped her to understand their clients’ unspoken demands easily.

I still don’t remember when and how she took me to my bedroom. It happened so naturally. What followed is but natural. She showed her patience there as well. I took some time to prepare myself and I lost count of the time. When our sexual interactions were over she did some amazing things that prepared me again for another round. This was quite unnatural of me and no way was I disappointed!

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