Executive escorts in London are for the right clients

Not everyone can hire the services of executive escorts in London. It is not just because of the rates that we ask for. I have refused many of my rich callers just after talking to them because they never knew what to expect from executive escorts. We are great for sexual act, but, our services are beyond that. I am ready to accompany a person who is seeking meaningful companionship and sex may or may not come naturally as an extension to it.

I had an excellent experience with one of my clients who was new to the city. But, from the very first interaction, I sensed his inner longing for deep companionship. Finally when he came out of his shell I could see the sensitive personality within and till date I cherish our few interactions. As executive escorts, we got friendly and I took him around the city, shopped together, dined at a cosy restaurant and finally headed for his hotel room.

After entering the room I could sense his hesitation and as by this time I had started liking this man I took the lead. I was very gentle and tender with him initially and slowly he was aroused and ready to take charge of the situation. It was not only about a successful sexual act but the friendly intimacy that we developed over time made it really special. Both of us enjoyed the lovely personal moments we spent together during those days and now he waits for my confirmation before making his travel plan to the city.

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