High Class Escorts to fulfil your desire

Fulfilment for desire means different things to different people. Some loves to eat the most exotic dishes and some aspires for the dream vacation. For me it was to visit London, one of the most sophisticated cities in this world. I am from New Zealand where natural beauty is rather commonplace. My associate in London wanted to introduce me to the city’s other side of natural beauty. And, following his advice, I called up a phone number. Later I came to know that the number belonged to a high class escort in London who is extremely popular with her regular patrons.

We decided to meet up at her apartment (a lavish yet cosy and homely place at one of the posh locations near Hyde Park). I was greeted by genuine and warm smile and an inviting gesture. I felt relaxed almost immediately. Yes. You got it right! I was extremely nervous. I was expecting someone with a skimpy dress and a loud makeup. On the contrary, she was dressed in a plain top and a short pant with nearly no trace of makeup.

I was served coffee and we started talking like old friends. When I almost forgot my purpose of visiting her, she touched my hands and offered me to show her place. As we moved to the bedroom she took me to the bed and helped me undress and in no time she was beside me. I could feel  warmth of her body, butter like smooth skin against my body and then I understood how it feels to fulfil one’s desire. The steamy long episodes made me charged and relaxed at the same time. By the time I left her place, I had already decided to make another visit soon.

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