My Istanbul trip with one of the top executive escorts

My job demands that I travel throughout the world, meeting and entertaining clients. While the clients are pleased to punch, I myself feel totally stressed out at the end of the day during these visits. Then someone told me about executive escorts. These are escorts who provide companionship to executives, including adult entertainment.

When you look at some of the top-class executive escorts, you will surely be fooled into believing that they are corporate executives. These escorts have mastered the art of looking and behaving like executive officers. You can actually take them to client meetings and they can easily pass off as your secretary.

My favourite escort is from London and I now hire her whenever I’ve to make more than a day trip outside the city. I’m not in love with the lady but I fully enjoy her company. When I say I enjoy her company, it is not just adult entertainment that I’m talking about. I love the way she carries herself and it is a pleasure making her meet my clients.

We had a lovely time when I visited Istanbul last month. After my day with my clients was over, we used to explore this historic city and revel in delicious Turkish food, both haute and street. This lady knows her history and I loved it when she acted as my guide as we visited some of the historic sites of Istanbul. The nights ended with some passionate entertainment on the bed that both of us loved.

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