My first and great experience with one of the top escorts London

I had always thought that hiring the services of an escort is akin to hiring someone for sexual intimacy. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I first used the services of one of the top escorts London.

Thanks to the internet, I didn’t have too much difficulty connecting with some of the top escort agencies in London. After going through a few profiles, I chose someone who looked classy. I spoke with her and we decided to meet in my hotel. I was at the lobby when she entered the hotel and I was glad to see men turning around to have a second look at her. She looked so classy that I just couldn’t think of sex.

We got introduced and went to my room. There were a few awkward moments but she gradually put me at ease. I surprised myself by starting to talk freely with her. Since I was sure that our meetings would be few and far between, I didn’t hesitate sharing some intimate details with her. What surprised me was her patience. We spent a couple of hours just talking and I felt rather light after talking to her.

Come evening and we went out for a movie followed by dinner. The wine was nice and we could both see the twinkle in each other’s eyes. What followed is but natural. We almost rushed to my hotel room (more envious glances from the men till the time we didn’t lock the door). The rest of the night? Let me just let you imagine…

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