Explore London with the best high-class escorts

High-class escorts in London are not prostitutes. It is true that one of our services is akin to those provided by prostitutes, there is much more that you can expect from us.

When I got into this profession, I wasn’t too confident that I would get clients who would look beyond the physical nature of our relationship. Over the last decade or so, my perception about many men has changed though. There are men who are only interested in the physical aspect of my service but there are more men who are interested in more. After all, hiring my service for just time on the bed is an expensive proposition. To get the best out of high-class escorts like me, it is important to use the other services we provide.

Mr. X (name not revealed because of obvious reasons) is one of those men who first hired me just to satiate his physical needs. Our first few sessions were just that – I would visit him in his hotel room and we would be done within an hour or so. Gradually, we built trust and he started opening up. Soon, we got into him sharing some highly intimate details about him and the relationship became more and more interesting.

The last time we met, we actually went out to see London Eye and I can tell you that it was an exhilarating experience. I haven’t had as much fun in years. We wrapped up the evening with a steamy session and this was the cherry on the cake.

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